The Training Activities of The Academy of Cleaning

For a decade or so, the Academy of Cleaning has been imparting intensive training as also auditing consultancy to the cleaning sector. The academy, based in Ireland, provides this training in tune with the specific training modules provided by BICSc or the British Institute of Cleaning Science. In fact the BICSc is the recogimg10nized industry leader and certifying body for this sector, issuing duly accredited certificates all over the world.

The Academy of Cleaning maintains custom-built training facilities designed specifically to meet the ever increasing demands in every sector of the cleaning industry. Actually, sectors such as Hi-tech and Healthcare need specific cleaning needs. Thus their training facility is created to meet the standard including ‘clean-room’ floor coverings and the most modern hospital standard facilities for washing hands.

The Academy provides the following services:

Building Consultancy

Any building should be designed with the cleaning perspective in mind. This is because cleaners play a vital role in the upkeep and maintenance of the structures. The Academy works in collaboration with builders and architects regarding the design and materials used, thereby offering sizable savings on cleaning expenditure.


The Academy provides comprehensive photographic and electronic audit as well, in order to highlight any potential issues the customers may have concerning cleaning standards, equipment, chemicals used as also staffing schedules.


The Academy offers its in-house staff a specific program, the so called Cleaning Operators Proficiency Certificate, lasting three days on site. The course content will be customized to suit the customer’s environment.

Overseas Training

The Academy of Cleaning has imparted contract cleaners both in St. Petersburg and Moscow. In fact, in 2005-2006 BICSc’s prescribed training was offered specifically for contract cleaners based in Athens so that Greek hospitals are maintained in accordance with their particular certified standard. The Academy also provides training in Polish language.