The Real Way to Clean

Identifying Unseen Dirt

There are a few thdownload-23ings to be taken into consideration before starting the process of cleaning. First of all, it is necessary to apply cleaning science practices to custodial operations. And to make this a reality, cleaning professionals have to learn how to identify the kinds of dirt that escapes the eye. As luck would have it, the discipline of cleaning science has brought forth a set of innovations in the field of health care, as also sanitary room environments. These has enormously helped in defining the nature of the invisible particles present, how to eliminate them as well as to keep them out.

Tools for Measuring Efficacy

Once the unseen substances are identified, the cleaning professionals should measure the quantity and extent of these contaminants that exist in the concerned environment. Academic experts in the field are of the opinion that there are around 10 instruments than can measure the cleaning efficacy such as the ATP device that is used to the amount of Adenosine Triphosphate; tools for sampling air quality; and UV light testing.

These tools are utilized in various ways. For example, cleaning professionals make us of ATP meters in order to identify all the germ hotspots. Once this is done, surface wipes are provided and hand sanitizer stations established to assist employees to keep such areas clean. The meter can also be used once the cleaning is over and done with to ascertain if the cleaning is total. This will help also in determining if any organic material is left behind on the cleaned surfaces. This is because microbes need organic matter to grow. Once their food source is removed, the microbes will cease to exist.

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Other tools like particle counters can assess airborne particles that resettle on the already cleaned surfaces, inhaled by the occupants of the building or clog HVAC systems. It can also measure airborne contaminants after cleaning. As to the UV light testing, it can detect urine deposits in restrooms, grout lines etc.