How to Choose the Right Mop

Mopping is hard work – but
are you making it harder by using the wrong mop?

There are many different types of mops available, and each one is designed for a specific type of cleaning. Read below to see which one you should be using.

Flat Mops

These mops are great for everyday cleaning. They have a flat head and come with a reusabl
e or disposal pad. Flat mops are easy to set up and to use. They work well in corners. These mops are great for light cleaning, they are affordable and store neatly away.

Sponge Mopshouse_cleaning-2

Sponge mops have a head that is attached to a wringer. The heads are disposable and easy to replace. You will know when to replace the sponge when it starts to break or smells bad. Sponge mops are great for tiles and uneven floor surfaces. Make sure to rinse out the sponge properly after use, and store upright in order to have it dry properly.

Dust Mops

Dust mops are meant to be used dry-only, on floors, shelves, cupboards, ceilings and even blinds. They often come with an extendable handle for hard-to-reach areas.

String Mops

String mops are probably the most well-known type of mop. They are inexpensive and work well on very dirty floors and in corners. These mops are also very absorbent so are great if there has been a spill. The problem is you have to wring them out with your hands often, and they are difficult to clean – you will surely be familiar with the smell of a dirty string mop!

Strip Mops

These are similar to string mops, but have thicker strips of absorbent material. They are more convenient than a string mop, but are not as absorbent and don’t scrub as well.

Steam Mops

Steam mops are electrical mops. They have a tank that stores water. The water heats up and turns into the steam. The steam is released by a trigger, through a reusable pad, onto the floor. The steam mop is a lot more expensive, but it has the benefit of cleaning and disinfecting.